We can supply Plywood or MDF boards with any veneer specie. Plywood or MDF boards are used for the flat surfaces of the furniture, like doors, top and sides and shelves.


We have more than 11 sartorius and 3 cutting textile machines in order to be sure of the quality and timing.
We use the high density foam –decron and feather where needed.


HFR is able to work with any solid wood produced locally or imported. Solid wood is usually used for supporting structure of a piece of furniture.


HFR USE THE BEST PAINT MATERIAL AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET . WE HAVE 11 FINISHING SPRAY AND DRY ROOMS which will be sure of high end quality and free of dust on the finishing ,color as per the client’s request /color sample.


We use the 304 grade stainless steel on all our custom made furniture and non rusting metal hardware.
Finish: Glossy / Hairline.